To Fall to Rise

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JD Franx

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Simon Vance


11 hrs and 10 mins

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As the reinforced Cethosian war machine marches north to face the Ri’Tek army at the Black Kasym, Kael and those at his side race to repair the remaining wellsprings.

After a disastrous arrival in the Ri’Tek home kingdom, Kael manages to track down one of Talohna’s most reclusive factions, only to realize what is truly at stake should the Cethosian alliance and the Ri’Tek meet at the Black Kasym.

With this new knowledge in hand, Kael and his companions race to stop a war nearly seven years in the making—a war that could destroy all of Talohna. Unlike his quick thinking in Dasal so many years ago, convincing the Vikress to stand down from her plans to subjugate the Lesser races will take every bit of cunning and luck he possesses. Neither of which will help him avoid Niis’ wrath should he succeed.

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