Zero Trust and Third-Party Risk

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Gregory C. Rasner

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Mike Lenz


6 hrs and 49 mins

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Dramatically lower the cyber risk posed by third-party software and vendors in your organization

In Zero Trust and Third-Party Risk, veteran cybersecurity leader Gregory Rasner delivers an accessible and authoritative walkthrough of the fundamentals and finer points of the zero trust philosophy and its application to the mitigation of third-party cyber risk. In this book, you’ll explore how to build a zero trust program and nurture it to maturity. You will also learn how and why zero trust is so effective in reducing third-party cybersecurity risk.

The author uses the story of a fictional organization—KC Enterprises—to illustrate the real-world application of zero trust principles. He takes you through a full zero trust implementation cycle, from initial breach to cybersecurity program maintenance and upkeep. You’ll also find: explanations of the processes, controls, and programs that make up the zero trust doctrine; descriptions of the five pillars of implementing zero trust with third-party vendors; and numerous examples, use-cases, and stories that highlight the real-world utility of zero trust.

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