Your Journey to Financial Freedom

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Jamila Souffrant

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Jamila Souffrant


8 hrs and 12 mins

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*A Next Big Idea Club December 2023 Must-Read*

Podcaster Jamila Souffrant shows how to skyrocket your savings, blast through debt and ultimately accelerate your unique and truly epic journey to financial freedom and independence

Our fast-paced world prioritizes the productive busybody—financial security always seems to rule over the insatiable hankering for a Friday night splurge. However, Jamila Souffrant argues that you can in fact spend and save responsibly, all while enjoying that extra side of guacamole. In this book, Jamila will teach you how to:

As a wife, mother of three and first-generation Jamaican immigrant, Jamila knows all too well the struggles of saving for tomorrow while spending liberally today. Now, in her first book, Jamila offers her seasoned expertise in Your Journey to Financial Freedom, providing listeners with the resources they need to not only save for cake but eat it, too.

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