Our 8 Best Biographies & Memoirs Audiobooks of 2023 (…for free, of course)

Biographies and memoirs are more than just narratives; they offer a glimpse into the compelling lives of others, as well as the moments that define our human experience. In 2023, a refresh trove of these personal chronicles captivated readers with their depth and narrative richness. As we love to dig through the best audiobooks released each year, Librila has meticulously selected the crème de la crème of this year’s biography and memoir audiobooks, which we offer for your listening pleasure entirely free of charge. These are not just stories; they are confidants whispering powerful truths into our hearts. Embrace these audiobooks and let them enrich your worldview and personal insight. We hope you enjoy our selection as much as we enjoyed compiled these great audiobook insights for you.

Not That Fancy By Reba McEntire

Not That Fancy

The quintessential country superstar, Reba McEntire, serves up a life story that is as heartfelt as it is humble in “Not That Fancy.” Right from the star-soaked stages of the Grand Ole Opry to the personal corners of her life, Reba invites us into a reality marked by twinkling success and earnest struggles. In this memoir, she reflects on her journey with the emotional integrity and charm that are as authentic as her music.

Replete with anecdotes that chart her rise to fame, “Not That Fancy” is a narrative that underscores the power of sincerity and hard work. With a career spanning decades, Reba’s life is an inspiring song, with each chapter a melody that captivates and comforts. This isn’t just a memoir; it’s an invitation to understand the woman behind the microphone.

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Diana By Ken Wharfe, Rosalind Coward


“Diana” by Ken Wharfe and Rosalind Coward is a poignant biography that reveals the enigma that was Princess Diana through the eyes who served and knew her intimately. The book provides unprecedented insights into the life of a woman who captivated the hearts of millions around the globe, yet whose internal world remained shrouded in mystery and speculation.

Ken Wharfe, Diana’s former personal protection officer, alongside writer Rosalind Coward, illuminates the princess’s life behind closed doors—her joys, her battles, and her ultimate quest for genuine happiness. A revealing and dignified recounting, this biography transcends the typical narrative to offer a deeply human portrayal of an icon whose life story continues to engross and inspire.

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Karma By Boy George


In “Karma,” the iconic Boy George accounts for a life that’s been nothing short of a spectacular, kaleidoscopic journey through the world of music and beyond. Boy George’s candor in narrating his memoir invites listeners to experience the highs and lows that punctuated his groundbreaking career.

With a voice that has serenaded generations, Boy George imbues his narrative with the same charisma and color that defined his public persona. Yet, he also exposes a vulnerability and thoughtfulness that many may not have glimpsed before. “Karma” stands not just as a testament to his talent but also a testament to the complexity of the human spirit.

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The Night Parade By Jami Nakamura Lin

The Night Parade

Jami Nakamura Lin’s “The Night Parade” unfurls a tapestry of memories, interweaving the threads of personal history with the vibrant hues of Japanese mythology. It is a memoir that dances between worlds—the real and the fantastical, the past and the present—choreographing a story of identity, inheritance, and imagination.

Rich with cultural narratives and illuminated by the lanterns of folklore, this memoir casts a delicate light on Lin’s quest for understanding her belonging. The audiobook experience is akin to participating in an ancient and intimate ceremony, one that unravels the beauty and complexity of lineage and self-discovery.

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How to Be Multiple By Helena de Bres

How to Be Multiple

With a philosopher’s precision and a storyteller’s grace, Helena de Bres pens “How to Be Multiple”—a memoir that voyages into the depths of identity and consciousness. De Bres lays before us a map that navigates the complex terrain of what it means to be, delving into questions that echo through the corridors of our own minds.

The memoir melds the personal with the philosophical, proffering an exploration that challenges and comforts in equal measure. “How to Be Multiple” is not merely a recounting of life events; it is an odyssey that beckons the listener to ponder alongside the author on the many facets that constitute a human being.

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Hitchcock’s Blondes By Laurence Leamer

Hitchcock’s Blondes

Laurence Leamer’s “Hitchcock’s Blondes” casts a cinematic lens on the muses of Alfred Hitchcock, unraveling the intertwining threads of allure and artistry that defined the legendary director’s work. This gripping biography delves behind the scenes, capturing the essence of the women who graced the silver screen and the complex man who directed them.

Leamer artfully depicts the golden era of Hollywood while refusing to shy away from its shadowed corners. “Hitchcock’s Blondes” is a must-listen for anyone fascinated by the glittering façade of fame and the realities that simmer beneath.

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Class By Stephanie Land


“Class” by Stephanie Land provides an unflinching look at the struggles faced by those living on the economic margins. Land’s lucid and poignant narration takes us through her journey from poverty, chronicling the resilience and fortitude required to navigate a system that often seems insurmountable.

Land’s story is a bold testament to the human spirit’s ability to endure and the importance of dreaming beyond the constraints of circumstance. Through “Class,” we gain insight into the nuanced and often invisible challenges that confront many individuals daily, demanding understanding and empathy from all who listen.

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Data Baby By Susannah Breslin

Data Baby

Susannah Breslin’s “Data Baby” delves into the intricate relationship between personal narrative and the ever-expansive digital universe we inhabit. At once an intimate memoir and a piercing commentary on our data-saturated lives, Breslin navigates the intersection of technology and humanity with a storyteller’s flair and a critic’s eye.

“Data Baby” challenges listeners to consider the imprints we leave on the digital landscape and the imprints it leaves on us in return. Breslin’s voice is a beacon guiding us through the complexities and dichotomies of our online and offline existences.

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The art of biography and memoir is a celebration of the human experience in all its facets—triumphs, trials, and the quiet moments in between. The audiobooks selected by Librila this year represent some of the best narratives 2023 has offered, illuminating lives that reverberate with wisdom, entertainment, and inspiration. Each story is a tribute to the indomitable nature of the human narrative and a gift we share with one another. Dive into these stories that mirror our joys, sorrows, and dreams, and download them for free today at Librila. Your next memorable listen is just a click away.

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